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I have just assembled my first amazingly good headphone set up which I hope to get the most out of.


My favorite way to listen to music is on my elliptical exercise machine with my headphones on watching music videos.


I have some music videos that really sound amazing with my new headphone set up. For example the The 25th Anniversary Rock And Roll Hall of fame, Quincy Jones 75th Birthday Celebration Live at Montreux and others. I recently started following a thread where there is a recommended list of mastering engineers for CDs from a person who should know the mastering business well. What I am wondering since my thing is watching music videos are there any databases or award sites or any other way you can collect music videos by audio engineer? I would love to find out who was the mastering engineer for the two music videos I mentioned above and collect more videos by these same engineers. So is this possible? How would you do it if you wanted to do it?

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