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Scratching in AKG K702 Annie

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Hi all,


Finally ponied up and bought a high end headphone in the AKG K702 65th Anniversary Edition. From the moment I first listened to them, I was amazed at the sound stage and clarity of mids and highs, however, on some of my songs I noticed a "scratching" sound when there wasn't much going on in the music (ie just drums, guitar etc). I was running the K702s naked through my Macbook Air and thought it was simply the sub-par amp/dac that comes with the MBA. I ended up buying a Schiit Stack (Vali/Modi) and while the headphones do sound better with a bit of power and high quality DAC, I can still hear the scratching.


TL;DR I have a scratching in my K702s despite having an Amp/DAC combo and don't know whats causing it. The tracks that I can hear the most scratching are surprisingly 320 kbps.


Any help is appreciated!

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That's really weird, never heard of "scratching" on any headphone or speaker, there any many possible causes for this, that could be some detail in music lost during compression, artefacts during D/A conversion or even some K702 speaker characteristic, in some specific frequency, have you tried nay other high-end headphones?

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Either a hair is pushing against the driver membrane, or its just revealing flaws in your music.


A crickle in the membrane could also cause that kind of noise I suppose, though I doubt a brand new pair would have such imperfections. But then, it's not like manufactures give a damn about quality these days.

You might wanna take a close look at state of the driver membrane while looking for any hairs.


I hope it doesn't look similar to this:

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