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For Sale: Grado 325is Chromed version

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For Sale:
Grado 325is Chromed version

Will Ship To: US

Picked these up at a local hifi shop and have had them for just about 2 years... Loved these headphone but sadly they are not practical any longer.. Got a new job and the open nature of these headphones does not fit in the new environment plus at home I have a new child and even finding time to listen to music is unrealistic.. To ratify the situation I picked up some closed back PSB M4U1's and decided to put these up for sale...    


These are the Chromed version of the 325is the chome has a few scratches here and there but I am positive that can easily be buffed out.. the button have wear as well as would be expected from a Grado used almost daily for a year and a half.


any questions please feel free to ask... local US only and Confirmed paypal as well.. 

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No. No trades please
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Updated with some new pictures in better lighting 

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