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So I couldn't find an exact answer to my question on Tom's Hardware and figured this would be where the kings of audio knowledge would be.


Simply put I'm not sure what to get as many threads I've seen have mixed answers but that was from 2011 and 2012 so maybe people have more input on it now.


It was a choice between the Audio Technica M50s and Beyer Dynamic's DT 990 Pro 250s and "clean" sound of the 990s had me sold. Being able to tell instantly what a bass player's string are made out of, or the pick up or almost hearing the air come from artists as they sing or string instruments is the kind of clarity I want. Anyways I found a bundle for the DT990s that came with a FiiO E11. I'm not sure if anyone has any experience with these, I know the E9 + E17 combo was good for a lot of people, but I'm not sure if they were using 600 ohms and I can't afford the combo at the moment sadly.


Here's the bundle for the DT 990 Pros and E11


I would try for the 600 ohms, but can't find any with that kind of price (200-300 budget).   Thank you guys for all the help in advance :)