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Newbie looking for help

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I'm new new to the forum world but not the audio world. I've got a stereo put together over 40 years. 


I'm using the following:an Audio Research Ref 3 pre-amp, Krell Evo 402 power amp, Aerial 10t speakers and a Linn LP-12 turntable with Ekos arm and Helikon cartridge, Tom Evans phono stage, Cary 303/300 CD player-even a Sansui tuner from 1980 or so.


That out of the way, I'm out of my league in headphone amp/DAC/headphone arena. I've done some reading on the forums and gotten enough knowledge to realize I'm in a different world.


I listen mostly to rock n' roll and blues and jazz. I'm a child of the sixties and thrilled to have been there. Don't remember much so I must have been. Right now I'm using the audioengine D1 dac and audio engine 2 desktop speakers. I need an upgrade.


I've thought about the Schiit Bifrost/Lyr combo, Woo WA7 Fireflies, and the Woo WA6-SE/WDS-1 pair. As far as headphones go, looks like HiFiman HE-500(or 560 now), Audeze LCD 2, or the Beyer T 90. The last are the only I've demoed as it's a bit of wasteland here trying to find this kind of gear.


Any thoughts, help, direction, experience would be appreciated. Thanks

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This thread might be of some help.


I'm not quite sure about the mastering quality of the music produced at that time, but i can confirm that AC/DC, Rush, miles davis sounds quite good on the hd800 out of the lyr. (meaning it's not bright and piercing). The lcd2 makes just about anything sound sweet and musical, and is my go to phone for the vast majority of my music (including for those artists i mentioned).


There are some impressions of the he560, and so far it's looking really good.

There's a link to a review by headphone addict, who says it's great with classical rock.


As for the beyer t90p, there are better choices at its price range.


What sort of sound signature are you looking for? And your overall budget?

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Not sure about sound signature definition. But enjoy the music clear with a good mid-range and not a tinny top end. Like the bass when it's there and not a boosted low end. A lot of the files I use are  recorded straight from CD to iMac hard drive(stand alone). Also hi-res from HD-Tracks etc. 

I'm fortunate that my budget is higher than most. Course I'm probably in the workforce longer than most. When I started looking I thought maybe $600. for phones, but I can double it if need be. Can't see 4 or 5k for Abyss but price of some in Audeze line sounds about the top. I guess overall budget might be $3500


I'll check the thread you sent. Thanks for the reply.

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Saw the thread on the 560 earlier. The battle of the flagship thread entailed lots of listening. Impressive as to the amount of time and effort put in. Most of the tunes I listen to are recorded fairly well so they do sound OK. 



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B0000, any idea where I can post to get more feedback? Leaning to Woo WA6-SE/WDS-1 with Audeze LCD2 tho I'm open at this price point to more options.



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the appreciation threads of the headphones you're eyeing are probably your best bet. There's also this thread, which is loaded with suggestions. which headphones are you considering at the moment and what are you unsure of?

Also, try your hardest to audition at least 1 high end pair of cans, so you have a point of reference.

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Got to hear the T1s with not a great dac/amp combo. The carot amp and dac out of Italy. Very cute to look at. About $600. Not on the radar.
Not sure who carries other high end stock here in Denver.
I'll check the threads.
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Thanks for the reply. I'll check the threads.
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Oppo looks intetesting to be sure. I like the idea of a headphone/dac/amp pairing. Should have synergy, if the sound is to ones liking
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there is a recent impression on the oppo thread today...said it sounded like an improved hd650 type of soundsig.

but v easily powered i think. It is best to wait for a few more impressions...wait another month i reckon.


i heard the Pandora briefly...oooooo....very deep tight bass...v clear tops...lovely mids.

i almost bought it after 10mins...never been sooo shaken b4..lolz stoppped myself...dragggg me out of the shop.


( listening to the LCD2 now...always happy with this can.. every time...10 out of 10 )

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