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Is it worth it...

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...for me to get the Japanese version of the SL-CT570 while I still can, even though I have the American version already? I'm somewhat worried that at the rate portables are devolving, the future generations will be almost useless crap compared to some of the current or recently replaced models. I would go for the SL-CT780 (Panasonic's newest and best?), but the auto anti-shock depending on output used is retarded IMO, and from what I have read it's all plastic and not quite as well built as it's predecessor. Opinions, suggestions and advice greatly appreciated
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Honestly, it depends on if you plan on adding a small DAC like the Gamma later on. Of course, you could just buy some Sony discman w/ optical out to cover that need. If you don't plan on eventually getting a DAC, I'd say it's probably not worth the effort.
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How do you get a Japanese version of the SL-CT570?
I have a American 470 and have bought 4 for others
but I would like to get that 10 sec linear
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I agree with you that the 780's antishock system is retarded. But other than that feature, the 780 (i've only seen japanese version) is actually pretty nice. It's build quality is quite comparable to the 570, with aluminum lid and plastic bottom. Also, it uses new gumstick rechargeables instead of AAAs, resulting in MUCH better battery life (40 hours compared to 8 i think) Finally, it uses a digital pot, dunno how it affects the sound but should be better than using 2 analog pots in the 570 (saves batteries, less degradation of sound)

The asian 570 has the optical out and the LCD remote, but it is also more expensive than the North American models (in asia, they are the same price as the good Sonys, here its about 25% cheaper) If you were buying a new unit and you are planning to use a DAC/MD, then i would recommend getting the asian model. But since you already have a 570, i don't think its worth the $150+ just to add the optical out.
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