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Sorry guys, i know you will be tired of these posts, but honestly i have Google'd and its confused me more.


I am in the market for a new headset for gaming, i never really used a headset before, but i currently had to move into a flat =(.


I was going to buy an Astro A40 but then i noticed i had to have a sound card what did DDL (dobly digital live) output, Since my sound card does not i did some searching.


I heard lots of good comments for the Sennheiser PC363D Surround Sound Gaming Headset, but i read up some more.


I read it was better to buy non gaming headset, get a sound card with Dolby headphone to make it 5.1 and buy a clip on mic.


Then i watched some youtube video and the person was saying you need a DAC with amp to make the headset sound good.



Really confused, could someone clear things up for me?



I want a headset to play games, sometimes listen to music ect. I would like virtual sound sound, but i don't want to lose all the bass.



Currently have a 

xonar DSX soundcard, i had a razer tiamat but sent it back, sounded competently wank. 



cheers for any help :)

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first of all, for most headphones in that price range you don't need a amplifier and dac. as long as you dont get a to hard to drive headphone. this is only in more high end and money burning setups wink.gif.
as for what headset you need i don't know, i just use my hd 650, I suggest using the search bar.

edit: but the sennheiser pc 363d does look nice with its build in surround
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I don't know about your soundcard, but the Soundblaster Z has a good headphone dac and headphone amp built in, along with good virtual surround processing for gaming.

Have you looked at this gaming headphone guide? http://www.head-fi.org/t/534479/mad-lust-envys-headphone-gaming-guide-update-4-17-2014-akg-k612-and-k712-pro-added-edits
Lot of headphones listed there with ratings. Someone in that thread can also probably tell you the best alternative to the PC363D.
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