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Hi, this is my first post so I'm hoping I have put it in the most relevant forum!


Basically I have had a pair of TMA-1's for the best part of three years as my main portable headphones. However, recently I've been finding that they give me a headache after listening to them for over an hour. I have an idea that it might be due to their on-ear nature exerting too much force on my ears, as they do have quite considerable clamping force. I feel like changing over to the over ear style of pads used in the studios might alleviate this issue somewhat, but does anyone know whether it's possible to fit the over-ear style pads from the TMA-1 studio on to the standard TMA-1? Mine are what you could call the first generation model which don't have the twist to lock jack socket on the earphone, and the pads connect by 4 pins which are equally spaced out on the ear pad in a square - just clarifying because I don't know whether or not this system was changed for later releases.


If it is possible to do a straight swap, I was also wondering if anyone knew of the best way to get hold of the pads themselves. I had a look at aiaiai's website, but £30 for a pair of earpads didn't seem like something I could justify... Are there any other places which might stock them? If anybody is also interested in selling a spare pair or trading for the spare on-ear variety that came with my TMA-1's I'd also be interested.


Thanks for any advice!