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For Sale: Beyerdynamic T5P

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This Classified is Closed

For Sale:
Beyerdynamic T5P

Will Ship To: Anywhere



Clearing out my Beyerdynamic T5P as I am already using a UM3X for my portable set-up and an AD2000 for my home set up.


Do note that I'm selling this headset as it is. I don't have the accessories or the box. My significant other did some spring cleaning and threw away some stuff she shouldn't have, so my loss is your gain. I have dropped the price to reflect this. Sigh.


Another point to note is that the left cup is slightly scuffed, but the rest of the headset is otherwise fine. I've tried my best to show the affected portions in the attached photos.


Price includes Paypal and shipping fees.

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Yup. Sorry for the delay. Have replied your pm.
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Price drop.
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Item has been sold. Thanks for the interest.

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