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For Sale: Ibasso D-zero

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For Sale:
Ibasso D-zero

Will Ship To: Cont Us

Selling my Ibasso D-zero. They've been nicely used. Used to pair them up with my nexus 5 but it drains the juice too quick. So I'm using my dap now.

Willing to trade for a nice portable amp + money! Cheers!

Picture uploaded shortly.

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Wanted to know if this was capable of using on a desktop computer as well as portable device, I am currently using both my DT990 pro 250ohms and the soundMagic HP100 32ohms on my creative sound blaster card(which can drive up to 600ohms, technically) but it has been having issues with not running on start up and having to restart the pc to get it to work. Ineed something that can take its place at the desk in case of failure. I would also be using with my mp3 player. 

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Sold to me!!! :X

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How is it in comparison with similar Fiio products and do you like it?

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Yes it is sold to him!

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