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For Sale:
Bryston BHA-1 Headphone Amp

Will Ship To: Canada/CONUS

Selling my beloved BHA-1 in excellent condition, as I've purchased an Opera-Consonance M10S, and its headphone output has mated surprisingly good with my driving my speakers too. Can't afford to have both at the same time, so this gotta go.

This was the first BHA-1 in circulation, serial #2 (serial #1 was not put in circulation). This BHA-1 is a little special as it has a blue LED instead of the regular green that is in most of the production models. Original owner purchased this directly from Moon Audio (receipt included) in early 2012, and it still has 18 years left on it's warranty. Please note as this was the early version, there are NO pre-amp output.

Buyer pays exact shipping expense, payment via EMT (Canada) or PayPal (Gift or add 3%).