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I wholeheartedly agree with everything that you've written, as I too think that it'd be prudent to start thinking more about regional meets. Organising one 'National' event per year takes a lot of commitment and effort on the part of a determined individual, but thinking smaller scale and concentrating on the hobbyist aspect (i.e. members bring their gear and not necessarily retail involvement) is more easily doable.

So come on folks, step up and volunteer to organise a meet!

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True, but the last two events were in London, so it's time to look further north!  " src="" />


At least you tried Andy " src="" />


I share the concerns about the event going down a trade show route. Such an event should be in addition to a meet.


I was going to gently suggest some benefits of holding the meet elsewhere " src="" /> but we're treating this as a national event, which is perhaps a mistake. If the focus is to enable people to try different gear, perhaps this is best served by more, smaller, regional meets. This may limit the available gear but should provide an increased opportunity to listen to what is there, and, of course, there's no reason you couldn't travel further should you want to. Or, maybe hold, say, three events around the country over the year?



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Please check your email and PM. (not regarding meets)

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maybe this has already happened and it's a dead thread, but I'd be subscribed if it were in London and anywhere from the 26th to the 30th of may or any time in July

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Not happened yet, still in the process (maybe) of getting organised!
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ah, fair enough, I really hope I can get to this one, it'll be my first ever meet, is there an age limit?

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Certainly not!
I'm 52 and noticed a couple of folks much older than me at the meeting last year...smily_headphones1.gif))
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no I mean in terms of people under 18 XD

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I believe laws in England require a parent to accompany any under-18 at a public gathering or there must be a child protection officer on site.

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I believe laws in England require a parent to accompany any under-18 at a public gathering or there must be a child protection officer on site.


But folks can get legally married (with parents consent) and also have kids at 16 (as so many of them do), so 18 seems a bit excessive to have a parent with you!

If you are in the 16 to 17 age group, then you might still get in without anyone asking your age, just as long as you look like you could pass for 18 years of age!!!
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I agree and I thought it might be 16 but I just checked and sadly any organised event involving under-18 fall under  child protection regulations.

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as much as I'd like to go, my parents hate "my obsession" so no, I can't go. Oh well, two more years.

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They should be relieved you are not into getting hammered on cheap cider/lager down the park with mates, or taking all manner of the new designer drugs that are readily available, or even for that matter bringing home the news that you've got the girlfriend pregnant!!!

I think they should see it as at least a good clean hobby compared to the many other things that lead kids astray these days!!! smily_headphones1.gif
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