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Hello, I love music. I play the Clarinet (not like a 7th grader) and cannot stand low quality music. I recently ventured into buying two new headphones (off Craigslist), the Sennheiser HD 558 ($100) and Klipsch x11i ($150). On a unrelated note, do you think I got a good deal on them??? =) Anyway, I have a vast collection of ITunes Plus music (256KPBS AAC VBR) purchased directly from the ITunes Store. I also have about 5 albums from CDs which I imported with ALAC. I converted all of them to 320KBPS AAC VBR for listening on my Note 3 on the go. Well I actually can hear a difference between the two, lossless has more reverb from the song, a wider soundstage and more dynamic punch. Although it's only noticeable when listening intensely. I as wondering if an AMP or AMP/DAC like the E6 or E18 would improve sound quality yet still being cost effective. Would a dedicated dac and amp, such as the E18 really make a difference or is just an amp good enough or are both unnecessary? As said previously, I have the North American Galaxy Note 3, does it have a good DAC? I'm sorry about all these questions but I am really excited about diving into the world of higher end audio. Thanks!