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Hey there guys! So after trying several headphones and many of them having a dark signature, I found out that I may enjoy more of a Brighter, Crispier type sound signature. What I didn't like about a lot of the darker ones was that the bassier nature of them made the clarity less interesting and realistic in some cases and just sometimes didn't feel as musical and crisp to instruments and vocals. I'm Currently looking for Some Bright headphones to get an opposite sound sig but I also want it to be kind of fun. Something that's very musical and interesting to listen to. Almost a wow factor can but aimed towards the higher frequencies and being all about clarity, detail, crispness, and just a more realistic sound. 


I plan on listening to most genres with these but Mainly going to listen to: Alternative, Trance, Jazz, classical, Indie, Rock, blue grass, symphonies, etc. Just about ALL genres as I have a lot of music excluding hip hop, Rap, and country so something that's good with most genres but one that really targets and preforms well in the sound description I provided.


Currently the best thing I found for this is the T70P which seems to may have what I'm looking for: Detail, Fun, Bright, Clarity, etc. but always find the same comments saying only getting it under $300 is good, but I don't mind spending more for something that really outclasses it, or even the same amount of money that does its targeted roles far better.


Lastly, For a source, I plan on using an iBasso DX50, and maybe a cheaper portable amp (Like my Fiio E07k?). All recommendations are greatly appreciated. Thanks guys! biggrin.gif

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