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Calling All Elbow Fans!

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General discussion about Britain's best rock band.


Who's bought the new album? Does anybody have Live At Jodrell Bank?


I have every studio release except for The Take Off And Landing of Everything, and I have the Dead in the Boot compilation as well.

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Saw them last Friday night at the Commadore Ballroom, Vancouver BC. Best conert I've seen in a long time.
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I was very tempted to book plane tickets just to see them on one of their U.S. stops, since they don't have a large enough following outside Europe to justify coming here often. Was the set list mostly older tunes, or did they play a lot off the new album?

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It was a mix of the new to some very old stuff. They didn't perform"one day like this" to my wife's disappointment. Got a great picture with her phone but I don't know how to attach it.
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I think the fact that you're a new member of the forums means that you can't post photos until you reach a certain post count (perhaps ten, or fifty), but you can always upload it else and post a link from here to it.


Have a favorite album?

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If your talking strictly Elbow "The take off and landing of everything" is their best. However ". Seldom seen kid" is my favorite.

Otherwise I'm not a nostalgic or sentimental about my music. Today I am listening to The war on drugs. Before that Local Natives and the Antlers.
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I that Asleep In The Back and Cast of Thousands offer the best blend of dark and light emotional themes and some of the most intelligent music they've put out, but The Seldom Seen Kid and Build A Rocket Boys are the most sonically pleasing. I'd really like to own Live At Jodrell Bank or see them live one day, though.

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