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For Sale: cowon j3/ c&c bh2 amp combo

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For Sale:
cowon j3/ c&c bh2 amp combo

Will Ship To: Anywhere

C&c bh2 .... $90

Cowon j3 8gb.... $125

Buy both amp and j3 only $150
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Would the C and C amp be able to power the DT 990 250ohm version well? or would it still be low volume and less detailed with this type of amp, because I am new to the site and am ordering these headphones in the next day or two.

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U would have to ask in the threads as I havent tried those, however for its price it does have good power.
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If I am able to get my small income check either today or the next two (via usps) then I will contact you and we can make the transaction, I have been out of work for almost two months becuase of a sever blood clot in leg and I have been wanting to get a good quality headphone for a while but I had to return the one I got originally because of not being able to work...well I should have enough to get the headphone and then the C and C amp for 65$

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Well do you know how much ohms it can power? because that would give me an idea if can handle powering my headphones with my s3 

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Dont quote me but I thought I read 300ohms. But im not gonna lie, I didnt care for it with the s3. It does pair nicely with cowon im sellin with it. Thats not a sales pitch either, im bein honest.
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I still do not have the money for this, I really want the c and c. If you still have it near end of month I  would like to grab it from you. That is when I will have my cash. Well take care.

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