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Despite the fact that my old cords are clearly printed with text that says things like "USB Shielded High Speed Cable 2.0" on the side and are in relatively short lengths (1-2m), I ran into a few hiccups with my new DACs while running over USB.


Thinking that this might be an interference/shielding issue combined with the fact that I had a hard time finding newer USB 2.0 cables that explicitly listed whether they were actually shielded, I decided to buy a few USB 3.0 cables thinking that they would generally have better shielding and/or tighter tolerances out of the box. Well, apparently I'm a dummy because the USB 3.0 male B connectors are larger than the USB 2.0 male B connectors. 


I had looked at pictures and thought it was just a strange angle that they had taken the picture, but nope, I'm a dumbass and they physically different. Most of these cables do say things like "Backward compatibility with previous version of USB 2.0", but I guess they're referring to speed and not plug type.


So don't be a dummy like me and make the same mistake. :triportsad:


Now back to the drawing board to try and find shielded USB 2.0 high speed cables that are shielded and not glitchy...