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FLAC to Apple Lossles or AAC?

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I just want your opinion about this. Most of my music is in FLAC format. iTunes and iOS don't support FLAC but do support Apple Lossles. I usually convert FLAC to Apple Lossles using XLD (Mac) after which I can import it to iTunes. 


Now these files are 85MB at a 2800kbps bitrate and taking up a lot of space on my MacBook and iPhone.


To what what lossy-format do you people convert to?


Please your advice. 



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Usually my Apple Lossless files don't take up that much space; it looks like your conversion software is adding a ton of empty bits to the top of each file. Have you tried using Max or something similar instead of XLD? Your ALAC (M4A masked) files should not be at a CBR of 2800kbps.

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What bit depth and sample rate are we talking, here? That's about right for 24/96. I keep all my stuff in ALAC, but have iTunes transcode to 256 AAC when it pushes music over to my phone. Regardless of any debate over what is and isn't audible… it's more than sufficient for my train ride.

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If you just want files for a portable device and casual listening, then usually I just use 320kbps MP3. Since getting a 160GB Classic, I've been using Redbook-standard ALAC files instead, but on older devices I always used MP3s because they were simple to convert to and nearly universally supported.

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IMO anything above 192kbps MP3 is an overkill and waste of space. Personally I cannot tell a difference between 128kbps and lossless, so I use 192kbps whenever I have a choice, for mental comfort that I'm not losing anything audible.

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