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"Native sample rate" of a DAC

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Does such a thing exist? I'm thinking specifically of the PCM1794. The spec sheet simply says that it is capable of sampling rates between 10khz and 200khz, but I'm wondering if there are native sample rates for this chip.

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Why the question ? Afaik, there's nothing like native sample rates but performances will be affected by the chosen frequency. If you look closely at the datasheet, you will see that at 192Khz, the pcm1794 has higher THD  than at 96 and 48khz (fig.7 and 11 especially). In any case, it stays extremely low.


The Benchmark DAC1 exploits that ability of modern DACs to accept about any sampling rates at the input: it allowed the designers to use the AD1896 at non-integer ratio of input/output, which maximizes jitter rejection (as summarized for example here, Bruno Putzeys had a good technical explanation about that but the link is down now).

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Thank you. I'd never really thought about it before, but a program I use mentioned that I ought to use my card's "native" sample rate in order to achieve lowest latency. I did find it kind of odd since it was the first time I'd heard of such a thing, and I can't find references to such a thing. Thanks for the help and the link :)

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Ok. That was a quite common problem a few years ago with chipsets used on some soundcards, that were really designed to work at 48Khz and everything else had to be resampled. This resampling was sometimes badly done.


Anyway, it was more of a problem linked to sound processing before hitting the actual DAC stage.

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