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whats the main difference between the sony D-EJ955 and the D-EJ1000 and what feat. does one have that the other doesent ? witch one would you buy ? p.s. thanks flasken
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actually they of no great difference.maybe the shape is (one is round ,the other elipse) if you still wonder.those japanese ( execuse me i am very patriotic) often use these tricks cheat the customer's money.
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Like I said earlier - I've heard they have the exact same circuitry. Once again - don't quote me on that.
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Hehe... that reminds me of an old IRC prank that was pretty fun. I'd go into a newbie channel with capslock on, and start talking. They'd get real upset, and tell me to turn caps lock off. I told 'em it was, and that I was just going to go get a new computer. They got upset again because I wasn't just gonna get a new computer... it went on and on, very hard to get k/b in there :P
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Ah, that's funny. Flumpus, you should also keep asking where this mysterious "Any" key is on the keyboard, that all these tech support people keep talking about.
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