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I have an HP 3rd gen. i7 laptop (Windows 7) that contains most of my music - roughly 200Gb - in mostly lossless ALAC format so I can manage it with iTunes.


I currently run a line from the pc's headphone out to the aux input on a well preserved Yamaha CR440 driving a pair of restored/re-foamed Boston A100 speakers.  I enjoy the sound but I think I might improve it with an external sound card.


As you might have guessed, I don't have the budget I once did for audio equipment but I tried to make good choices. For my $100, I'm considering the Creative X-Fi or the FiiO E10, though I've heard the Creative might have problems running with Windows 7.


Anyone have any thoughts?  I know these units are mainly used for headphones, but can I use either one in the receiver/speaker set-up I have?  All along I've been using the jack on the receiver when I occasionally use headphones.   Thanks!