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etymotic HF5, HF2, HF3

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Hi guys!


After long thinking and reading on this forum I've come to a decision to purchase my first IEM, the Etymotic HF5 through Amazon.

Which is this:

Then I found out, that the HF2 is the same with a mic:

Also the HF3 only an upgraded version to HF2:

It's clear so far, but I've a 4th option which is this:

With the 4th option the title does not tell it's HF3, but if you have a look on the pics, it does.

This is only £69.90, so my only question is: Am I right thinking that the 4th option is  hf3 and with it's price the best option out of this 4?

Only because HF3 is not in the title and the very different price confuses me.

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For the fourth link the "blue" set are listed as Item model number: ER23-HF3-BLACK-I, and looking at the reviews a previous buyer has stated that black HF3's were supplied.

The "black" set are listed as Item model number: ER7-MC2-BLACK-AN.

Hope that helps.
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Thank you for your answer! I'd have another question. If the description says (not only in this case) that the mic and the
buttons built for iPhones, ipads etc., does it apply for any other smartphones as well?
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