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For Sale: Violectric V200

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This Classified is Closed

For Sale:
Violectric V200

Will Ship To: EU

Selling a mint condition Violectric V200 headphone amplifier.

I'm the second owner, bought from a fellow headfier in March 2013. Originally bought in Feburary 2012.


The amplifier sounds excellent (with a tube signature) with a variety of headphones:

  Audeze LCD-2;3,X,X-C

  HiFiman HE-400;HE-500;HE-4;HE-5

  Sennheiser HD-800;650;600

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PM Sent.

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Sale pending.

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Pm sent
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Just so you guys know this amp is sold, it's in my home and not going anywhere. Don't know why he hasn't closed the ad yet. :confused:

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