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I've been lurking on this forum for a few weeks now as it seemed the most useful site for helping to select some new IEM's for use with my iPhone.


I've read lots of posts, have got a little confused, and unsure about the best way forward, so please help some one whose ears want educating ;)


I'm looking for a pair of IEM's for use when travelling with 3 button iPhone control and mic. I had originally planned to spend up to £100, but can probably push the limit to £150ish if the sounds quality is much better at that price point.


I mostly listen to guitar orientated music, metal, rock, grunge, industrial, indie, garage rock etc. However I also listen to Choral and classical, Country (Sarah Jarosz) and the like.


I should also say as a bass guitar player I like bass but not head thumping muddiness. 


I've found the following that seem to get good reviews, and are in my price range, however I'm open to all suggestions.


Soundmagic E10m - £45

Etymotic HF3 - £70

klipsch x10i - £99

Shure SE215 - £75 - plus the cost of the iPhone cable

Sony XBA-2ip - £90

Sony XBA-4ip - £135

RHA MA750i - £90


Thanks in advance for your input.


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