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For Sale: For Sale/Trade: Little Dot I+

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For Sale:
For Sale/Trade: Little Dot I+

Will Ship To: Anywhere



Selling my little dot since the only pair of cans Im keeping are the HD650's and I plan to get a new amp to match those nicely. I loved this little guy though, what amazing sound for the price.


Stock tubes, maybe 20 hours use. I will also include an OPA2107 op amp for rolling. 


As another member nicely put it: "This amp is built to drive low-impedance yet picky loads such as high-end Grado, HiFiMan, and Audeze headphones with ease, but it is flexible enough to drive almost anything else you plug into it."


Mint condition, not a mark on it. Will ship it your way in USA if you can get me $85 on my end via PayPal.

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Excellent price! GLWS!

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