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For Sale: Smyth Research Realiser A8

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This Classified is Closed

For Sale:
Smyth Research Realiser A8

Will Ship To: Anywhere

For sale is a Smyth Realiser I've purchased several months back from King Local in the states. This was the original classified: http://www.head-fi.org/t/694433/smyth-research-realizer-a8


The unit needs no introduction, with 174 pages of forum posts, but for those who are keen: 



The unit is a new gen Smyth Realiser, with support for Digital In (HDMI), and latest firmware (dual headphone emulation), etc.There are some cosmetic wear (8.5/010, but overall the unit works flawlessly, and was well loved by it's previous owner with his Stax 009. 


I purchased the unit for multiple reasons, but primarily because of it's promise of delivering true speaker like sound. It definitely has the ability to do that with limitless potential if set up properly. These very rarely come up for sale, because they are indeed as awesome as they say.  


I would recommend this to individuals who are keen on owning the best speaker simulation system in the world. Do bear in mind though that this will take sometime to setup and there must be time allocated to learn how to use it's features and calibrate PRIRs. 


At this point, I'm really happy with traditional plug and play setup, and am happy to part with the unit primarily because of the lack of time as a startup entrepreneur to run around to calibrate the Realiser to my ears. (Bear in mind you don't need to do this and can download shared PRIRs, but I'm anal like that and want the best, or not at all). 


I feel the opportunity of owning this magnificent unit should go to someone else, and am prepared to let it go for what I paid for it, and possibly less if the owner is based in Singapore. (Less Hassle). 


The unit was listed at $2,000USD, and sold new $3,360. at hit me up with your offers. (My trader feedback is good, check me out).


<a href="http://imgur.com/FjXW6Je"><img src="http://i.imgur.com/FjXW6Je.jpg" title="Hosted by imgur.com"/></a>

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Wanted: $1,234 (USD)
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Just out of curiosity, what is dual headphone emulation?


Also, I own a Realiser (HDMI version) but I'm not sure if the firmware is up to date. Is there a way to check if mine has the latest firmware, and more importantly, how to update firmware?

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Sent you a PM a couple days ago.  Very interested.  Hit me back when you have the chance.

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Hey xp3nd4bl3, just replied - sorry not been on Head Fi as open as I've been before! 


Work has exploded, of sorts. 

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