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For Sale: Clearance sale!!! (Senns, AKGs, Grado Magnums, etc.)

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For Sale:
Clearance sale!!! (Senns, AKGs, Grado Magnums, etc.)

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Selling the following since I plan to consolidate to just 1 open & 1 closed headphone:

I am competitively pricing everything because I don't sell things anything here to make a profit for myself.  Price are firm, unless you legitimately think that I mis-priced something and it should be cheaper.


Pricing does NOT include Shipping or Paypal.  I will ship international but at your own expense.


TRADES:  I'm not looking for any trades except for desktop amplifiers in the $500+ pricing range, either Single-ended or Balanced.


Sennheiser HD650 - Originally traded away for a different headphone, but me and the trader came to a mutual agreement to cancel the trade due to issues I was having with his headphones.  Does not come with original box, but will come with original cable.  I will ship it as soon as I receive the headphone back, which will possibly be late as end of this week.  Priced at $0LD.


AKG K702 - Will come with original everything.  I hate the sound of AKGs and will probably never purchase one again.  So my loss is your gain.  $125.  Optional ZXAC cable for the K702 is 5 foot.  I believe the original price of this cable was ~$150, and there are fantastic reviews for the cable.  I will sell the cable separately at $40.  Purchase both at $0LD.


Grado Magnum V5 with Mahogany Cups made by 7keys - Pretty much an upgraded Grado 60s with Upgraded cups & upgraded Drivers.  Cost of parts was around $230.  There are minor issues, such as headband lettering being gone and the quarter-mod on the yellow Senn 414 pads not being done as pretty as it could have been.  Price is $0ld, which is the cost of the drivers and the wood alone.


Spare Grado 60 Drivers - Fully functional.  $0ld




CablePro Panorama Sennheiser cable for HD600/650/580 - $0LD


Very nice cable.  I was originally going to sell my Cardas cable and recable this to go with the LCDs, but changed my mind due to its length.  In very good condition.  10 feet long.


Spare Magnum V5 Driver -  Never touched, just received an extra driver when I ordered lol.  Maybe you could message Turbulent Labs to see if you could order just 1 driver to match mine.  Pricing it at $50 (They are $130 for the pair).  


NVX Audio XPT100 - Used maybe 5 times to realize that I didn't enjoy the sound too much.  Bought less than a month ago.  Selling at $65.  I don't think it gets much better than this at this price range.  Comes with everything, but the original box is slightly ripped.


Burson HA-160 - Interest check on this.  It is my only amplifier and it's amazing at what it does (especially at the price I'm putting it at), but it's not an "end-game" amplifier for me and I'm looking to upgrade.  I'd take $325 for it but shoot me an offers.  Comes with original packaging + manual.




Edit:  Guys, the condition is spectacularly pretty and awesome on everything, unless stated otherwise (such as the Magnums).  I'm not underpricing because the conditions of my items are garbage.  If anything, the only parts that should look used on any of the headphones should be the pads (for obvious reasons).  


I promise I'm not selling anything that looks like it's been chewed out by a chimpanzee.

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my mistake
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What's the state of the 650's?

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Wow some good prices on here

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interested in the 650s as well let me know the condition 

Edit: also how old is it?

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PM sent

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Interested in NVX Audio XPT100...

PM Sent

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