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Looking for headphones for electronica and rock around $150

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So far I have been quite happy with my in-ear monster turbines. I like the sound signature, more or les balanced in my opinion, with a slight emphasis in the bass. It also works quite well with the genres I like to listen, anything rock from ledzep to now and electronica, trance, etc... So I wanted an over the ear headphone. I really like the sound of the senheisser momentum (over the ear) but I don´t know if I am willing to spend $300... I also like the B&W P5 but for that price I would take the Senns eyes closed. I would be Ok with something like $100-150 or so... I have tried the Senheisser hd380 pro, and while I liked the sound I noticed that they were a bit too big, kind of hugging my salivary glands :biggrin:, so I am not sure about the comfort... sound wise they sounded fine to me, I think... I heard that the Sol master tracks XC have a pretty balanced sound (much better than the original master tracks) and I think it would work for me, also I heard good reviews of Monster Inspiration, that is supposed to be quite balanced if only with some bump in the bass and trebble... I can get both in that range price so that would be OK. Any opinions on those? I also have heard the Beyer DT770, maybe an option although they look really ugly (-to me that is-) but sound good. Any suggestions or reviews in the ones I mentioned would be welcome. They need to be closed-back, preferably detachable cable. I am not totally opposed to on ear, but I would prefer over/around ear


Thanks for your help!!

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Forget the Inspiration, but add the DNA to your list of considerations.  It goes for as low as $130 (new) online.

DT770 and HD380 are your better choices, but if you do not like those, try HD360 if you have very small ears.  Also consider ATH-M50x.  If none of those work for you, you could try HD360Pro (not 380) if you have very small ears.

You might also like the VModa M80 or a used/refurb/open-box AKG K545.

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Thanks for the response. I do like the hd380pro, but I think I cannot get a good fit... Shame... It's like the lower part sits on the base of my jaw and I don't get any kind of seal... wearing them was a weird experience, although the sound was good... I tried the DNAs some time ago but something was lacking in there for me... I wouldn't describe them as natural sounding... The inspirations are $100 right now (blemished box, brand new headphones) When you said forget was because of price, comfort,  or sound? I have never tried v-modas before, I'll take a listen if I can


Any more opinions or reviews welcome. Anybody in here has tried the Master Tracks Studio XC?, the few reviews I have seen say that have a good sound and pretty natural/well balanced

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The Inspiration is in another league, far apart from the others in sound. Or maybe I should say far below/behind. A Koss KSC75 earclip is a better deal than the Inspiration. Only the DNA and DNA Pro can compete with the others that I mentioned.
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