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Learning EQ

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Hello all,


I tried searching but no luck to find something that i understand, so i came to ask here. I am trying to learn to play with the EQ on my music players. Would anybody know of an article or website that teaches it to someone not savvy to that kind of stuff. I would love to find the sweet spot and fully unlock the capabilities of my music at home or on the go. Thank you for any help.

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This thread gives a great explanation of the effects of boosting or cutting different frequencies:


A couple other things:

If you are cutting and boosting frequencies, you need to adjust the preamp slider to make your most boosted frequency equal to 0 dB. For example, let's say my highest boost is +12 dB at 40 Hz (or wherever, the frequency is not important). In that case, I would need to move the preamp slider to -12 dB. If I didn't do this, then I would be adding +12 dB of digital volume at 40 Hz, which is going to negatively affect sound quality. Digital volume needs to be subtractive, not additive. 

If you are using Foobar or another music player that lets you install VST plugins, get a parametric EQ program like EasyQ or ElectriQ. Parametric EQ gives you much more control. 

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I was using EasyQ a fair bit in the past...but I can say in honesty that I have learned more about EQ lately by simplifying things and going with the built in 10 band EQ built into my Asus soundcard.


Now if I return back to EasyQ, I will be able to take advantage of the finer adjustment possibilities.


I recommend a 10 band EQ for beginners...Parametric EQ may prove a little confusing for beginners.  


As with manbear attention to pre-amp or global clipping is real and clearly audible, especially if there is a built in anti clipping algorithm that cannot be overridden as with the Asus soundcard I have.

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