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Improving sound quality

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Hi, i'm new to this audio world so i need your help.

I have the SAMSUNG galaxy s2 plus and the audio quality on it sucks.I thought about getting the fiio e07K dac, but an external dac won't work on the GS2 (i think). Then i thought about getting a portable music player but i have no idea what to get... I have the audio technica ath-m50 and i don't want to spend alot of money on a dac that will work with the GS2 or a portable music player, the perfect price would be about 100 USD.

So if you got any suggestions on what should i get i would be very grateful.

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What is it that you do not like about the S2? I suggest you to upgrade the headphone over a DAP IMO. Headphone show most improvements even though it is the final route of the music before reaching your ears. Still, we need to know what is it that you don't like about your rig now smily_headphones1.gif

For $100, there is the FiiO X1 coming out soon by July or August if I recall correctly

Hope it helps
Billson smily_headphones1.gif
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Well i haven't listened to anything other than the S2 but from what i have seen online, everyone dislikes the sound on it alot because samsung put a bad sound card or something on it, so i want to get the best sound out of the ATH-M50's. Are there any other music players that are released now for that price or should i wait for the X1?

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Or do you think it won't make such a big difference between them for me? (i don't really care if it changes the sound just a bit)

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The question goes back to you smily_headphones1.gif do you like how it sound now? Listening is very subjective and everyone have their own opinion! Some may notice the slightest difference while some can't. If you are happy with what you have now, stick with it and safe up for better rig smily_headphones1.gif $100 can't really buy you a good upgrade at the moment IMO
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Hmm, i think i'll wait for the X1. Thank you for your suggestion :) .

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Hmm, now i'm interested in buying the x3 because people like it, but because Fiio does't ship to my country it's a problem... Do you know are there fakes of the X3 out there or can i buy it even from China?

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Not so sure but do check on FS section of Head-Fi. With the intro of X5 by FiiO and DX90 by iBasso, there are a lot of people here putting up their X3 / DX50 for sale. I heard there will be a new firmware for X3 soon and it's probably something special coming? James @ FiiO haven't release much info about it yet from what I know but there is already a rockboxed version of DX50.

Hope it helps
Billson smily_headphones1.gif

PS: if you wish to buy something from FS section of Head-Fi, remember to play safe! Some may be scams! Best is to copy and paste the photos posted by seller into Google search engine and Google will search out if there is any similar image posted in any other place smily_headphones1.gif
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