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For Sale:
Tralucent T1 portable amplifier

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Easily one of the best bang-for-buck amplifiers on the market. I've used it with my RWAK100 (also for sale) as well as iPod and various other portable devices and it never fails to deliver an increased sense of space and dynamics to the music. Plenty of power to drive full size cans and can also work nicely with sensitive IEMs so long as you don't have a really hot line-out from your source (I used UM Miracles mostly with this T1).


  • Battery life is brilliant at around 80 hours
  • Delivers 1000mW to an 8 ohm load
  • USB charging of the internal 9V NiMh battery (this model has the better, updated battery which significantly improves the sound)


Comes with original packaging, rubber band, hex key (to access battery if required) and USB charging cable


Price includes all shipping and fees within Australia

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