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For Sale:
FS - Lightly Modified Little Bear P1 tube headamp

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Amp is in great condition. Includes the original Shuguang 12au7 tube and 24v power supply. Bias has been adjusted for the Shuguang tube. This amp is extremely similar to the Indeed G2, and i've modified it a little according to solderdude's Indeed G2 mod guide.


Mods are as follows -

- Changed the 1000uf 35v output caps for  Jackcon 2200uf 35v 105c rated caps (can also replace these with 2200uf 35v Nichicons if requested)

- Replaced the IRF630s with IRL530s

- Added 470uf/10v cathode caps

These mods improved sq quite a bit and there's still room for further improvement. I can send a copy of the mod guide to the buyer if requested.


One note about the amplifier - like the Bravo and Indeed amps, the heatsinks are inadequate and so the amp runs very hot! I recommend changing out the heatsinks for larger ones or getting some airflow toward the amp if you want to use it for long periods of time.


Asking $50 shipped within the US, anywhere else please contact me for a quote.


Feel free to drop me a PM anytime with any questions or concerns

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