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Edit: I suck at not making walls of text.

I'm looking to update my source but I'm having difficulty in choosing (or finding things that work, for that matter), a dac that fits my tastes and needs. Could anyone share experience their products (don't even have to own them) that:

Has a wide/deep (depth preferred) sound stage (I have no reference, sorry. Only source experience is a fiio x3, Native Instruments KA6-not the best headphone out, and misc ipods/phones)

Realistic, true to source, not life imaging

Sound quality!

Details at the high and low extremes must be accurate. This will be a deal breaker if these are inaccurately portrayed, despite how pleasant the sound may be.

Portable and can run on battery, not just usb

Good dynamics (a must since this will replace my audio interface for monitoring)

Spdif (optical optional, not a priority but preferred)

Neutral, yet lush. Moderately dark is acceptable as long as it:
Responds well to transients,
Tight bass control, still balanced and neutral
Lush mids. Strings and vocals I prefer to be intimate and borderline seductive

Limit is 350 USD. If you have a more expensive suggestion, please list it so I can consider budgeting for it.

ANY input is much appreciated. I've spent the past two hours looking up dacs with will detailed feedback only to find they're not pocket portable, bus powered only or too expensive. Again, even if you've never heard something what comes to mind, please name it. I can look up some anecdotes, reviews, and tests.

In the end, I want something that will be functional in my pocket, on the go and still give me the details I need to hear for creative and post production works. I hope I was specific enough. I apologize if I wasn't, please let me know what I can add.

Sorry for the odd requirements, but I think now you see my dilemma in finding anything battery powered that works like this. I know the DB2 comes to mind, but anecdotes, reviews, and blind testing Has me doubting.
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