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Originally Posted by purk View Post

Congrats on able to snatch the Headamp original Blue Hawaii.  It even comes with HE90 jack.


Checking the 'gon at work every hour may not make the boss happy, but it can be very effective. :D

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There really should be a Lampizator thread. I have the gen 4 level 4.5 (level  5 PCB) and it's outrageously phenomenal. Whether with electrostatics (SR007, SR009, HE60) or dynamics like HD800, HE6 and LCD 3, it's a marvelous listen and allows one to forget about upgrading for a while. When I first heard the Master 7 it clicked for me and I found I preferred it by a great margin to the PWD MKII I & W4S Dac 2 I owned then. Apart from the Lampi, I've yet to hear a DAC that sounds more natural and pleasant than the M7. Yet, the Lampi trounces it to my ears, particularly in the areas of weight, texture and openness. I also have an Offramp 5, which improves considerably upon the Lampi USB section and does wonders for the M7 as well. There really ought to be a Lampi appreciation thread...

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I was kind of considering a lampi for a while there, but I'm going to hold off for a while on that one.


I'd like to see them make something that is a little bit more professional and a bit less DIY before I drop that kind of cash on a DAC.


I don't doubt it's good it's just well... I don't mind having amps or speakers designed and built by single minded enthusiasts. But I do feel that a DAC should probably have a one-size-fits all standardized solution that has been looked at by several engineers and verified and tested and so forth and then built to high standards in a factory. I'm not a huge fan of the million different configurations and revisions.


If the sound is as good as some say I'm sure it will happen sooner or later.


But others might feel different, they might like that their dac is handmade and unique in the world.

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You really stop thinking about a lot of those factors after auditioning it. At the end of the day we hope to have a system that gives us satisfaction and best of all a respite from constant tinkering. This DAC managed to do that for me, similar to the way the BA and Dynahi gave me that on the amp front. It's not the most attractive unit I own. I couldn't cite measurements or assure you of its technical proficiency. But, I can tell you that it sounds better (in my system) than any other DAC I've heard (on par with the MSB Analog I thought about getting when factoring in the Offramp). That knowledge is sufficient for me to pay the price of admission. 

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Well, I'm happy to hear you found what you were looking for! That's great.


The most interesting dac in their lineup right now is this one I think: http://www.lampizator.eu/NEWDAC/Lampizator/Amber_Lampi_DAC.html


So I think they're moving in the right direction from my point of view. Maybe in a few years lampi will rule the dac world, it could happen you know. Make something like that but even more streamlined and skip all the confusing options... build it in a modern factory and voila! If the sound is as good as you and others say the sky is the limit.

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Originally Posted by ericfarrell85 View Post

There really should be a Lampizator thread. 




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Thanks D. 

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