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For Sale: fiio X3 with wm8741 and ad8620

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For Sale:
fiio X3 with wm8741 and ad8620

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Modded fiio X3. Owned less than 6 months. This has a wm8741 soldered in place of the stock wm8740, and an ad8620 in place of the standard op amp (as documented on the forum). This makes the player overall much more neutral and better dac specs. There appears to be much confusion about 192k file support and the 8741 mod, however if you actually read the data sheets and information on the web carefully, there is a pin that you can set to fix the issue, which has been taken care of. 192k files play fine. The benefit of the pin mod too is that it also overrides the so/so upsampling the chip does internally. If you are interested in the technical details see this link


There is some (crazy) website that charges 1k for a unit like this (google fiio x3 wm8741). 


Things you will want to be aware of: this mod reduces the battery life, the 8741 has significantly better specs, but uses more power. The 8620 uses less power so there is some balancing, I get 6-8 hours depending on use. The 8620 has less output power than the stock unit. It is more neutral, and drives my westone w4 just great. It even drives my beyer 880s ok.


Has lived its entire life with a screen protector and silicone case on it. There is one unused screen protector (which it probably is time to install, the current one is kinda old looking), and as you can see I took it out of the silicone case for pictures. 


Compared to the x5 (which I replaced the x3 with), the x3 is more musical though less extended. Ultimately the OTG usb and dual slot makes the x5 a better fit for me though. 

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