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From Klipsch ProMedia in-ear to Westone UM Pro 30, and disappointment...

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Hi all. The site has been a wealth of information, albeit overwhelming at times, but useful for putting me on the path to a "better listening experience" though now I'm in a state of confusion. I've been using a pair of Klipsch ProMedia in-ears (S4 clone) for a few years and now that I'm traveling a lot via air I'm listening more. They've served me well but for something that cost me $40 I knew there had to be more that would give me the ability to hear all of the music with clarity. I first started with the Shure SE215s. The fit was great and I had no trouble wearing them for 4-5 hours. The isolation was also incredible on the plane with the jet engines (and chatty people). But when I switched to my Klipsch I was overwhelmed with how much mid to low-end I had been missing. My musical tastes revolve around metal, rock, country and trip-hop/electronic. I guess I'd call myself a bass-head. I LOVE the sound of a double-kick drum and the feeling of the pressure. So of course the SE215s totally fall flat for this. I heard the vocals, the cymbals and the snare well but I felt empty. This then brought me to the UM Pro 30s. I had been considering the SE525s, the W40s and the UM Pro 30s and the impressions on here pushed me toward the 30s due to a better low-end experience. I eagerly got my 30s in-hand and as soon as I tried them out was I met with disappointment. $400 out of my pocket and I still couldn't get that full charging feeling I wanted. Yes, I could now hear it all and the clarity was exquisite but they were just not fulfilling. They didn't make the music fun to listen to. Were they better than the Klipsch? From a sound purist's POV, certainly, but I missed my bass. I don't analyze my music; I just want to experience it with some energy.

So here I am to ask you guys for help with direction. Is there an IEM that can give me the low-end punch I miss from the Klipsch but still provide me with the ability to accurately hear the rest of the music as it was recorded? Isolation and portability are top of my list so that's why I'm stuck on IEMs. I would prefer to stay under $500 but if ultimately I have to go higher for what I need then I can squeeze justification out it. Oh, and, my DAP is an iPod Touch.
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dunu dn1000, westone 3, earsonics sm64, stagediver sd3.


But i think you'll like the sennheiser ie80/ie8 the most.

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Some excellent recommendations. The IE80s should be an easy trial since I can grab them off Amazon (I'm in the US). The Dunu sounds interesting with its hybrid design. I was thinking for good bass a dynamic would be needed. Westone, I think I'm going to pass on them for now. Earsonics and Stagediver, though at the budget top, review nice but look slightly harder to obtain (and return).

I'll give the Senns a shot to start. Thanks!
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Following up... I purchased the IE80s and I have to say the fit with these sucks tremendously. Yeah, they look good laying on the table but ears are round shapes. Most other high-end IEMs got it right. Anyhow. When I can get them to fit right the sound is excellent. With the silicon tips I needed to crank the bass up toward max. So I decided to try the Comply T-500 Isolation tips. They gave me better isolation - what I want ultimately for jet flight - but they dull the higher end. If I push on my ears a certain way I can expand the highs. I'm at a cross-roads as to what to do with them. But seriously, what a terrible design for the IEM housing itself. Chances are they may go back given the below...

Since Shures were great for flying I decided to add a used pair of SE535s to my collection. I thought I could give up my punch for an overall great sounding IEM with outstanding isolation. In my search for a DAP I decided to stick with my iPod Touch Gen4 and add JD Labs' C5D. This with the Shures turned out to be a great combination due to the bass boost button; I think this gives me ultimately what I want. The C5D is without a doubt a great buy and I owe Head-Fi a thanks for turning me on to them. I was looking at the Fiio X5 or iBasso DX90 but the price plus possible UI gripes pushed me back to iOS despite my feelings about Apple.

Now in search of a good Shure cable.
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