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iBasso D55 DAC/Amp...anyone used it?

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This is on their Hibino/Japan website.  It seems like exactly what I'm looking for, using an AKM DAC (I'm just not a fan of the handful of Wolfson devices I've used)  I did a search for D55 on here, and turned up nothing surprisingly.  Looks like you can get them on Amazon also, and its listed as a Japan Import.


Any thoughts?





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Google translation of the Japanese web page for specs:


~~I adopt Asahi Kasei Electronics Co., Ltd. high-performance 32bitDAC "AK4480", enter via USB hi-res sound source of maximum 24bit/192k Hz, and output to high-definition.

■ Built-in (programmable logic device) "XMOS" PLD that XMOS Semiconduc tor of the United Kingdom has developed, it corresponds to the high resolution music sources of USB Audio Class2.0.

■ Operation with asynchronous (asynchronous) mode. To perform clock generated independently in the body side, and achieve high quality with reduced jitter.

■ output carries two lines, line output and headphone output (digital input only).

■ line output bus-powered. It can be connected to existing components without the power supply, it can be upgraded acoustic system easily.

■ operational amplifier section delivers sound quality and powerful placing independently the L and R channels will be driven individually.

■ adopt a three-stage switching of high / mid / low, the gain corresponding variety of headphones, earphones.

■ Body made of aluminum with high rigidity lightweight.

■ I adopt the upscale design of black / silver with hairline processing by hand by skilled craftsmen.

■ its long-term and continuous operation of about 20 hours maximum three-hour charge.


~~Frequency characteristic 10Hz ~ 100kHz,-0.5dB (amplifier)

S / N ratio 115dB (amplifier)

Digital input USB: 24bit/192k Hz

Maximum output 125mW +125 m W (16Ω)

Power Built-in lithium polymer battery

Battery life time You may be shortened by 20 hours ※ continuous use conditions.

Charging time About 3 hours

Headphone impedance 8 ~ 300Ω recommended

Connector 3.5mm stereo mini jack × 2, USB mini socket × 1

Accessories USB cable, connecting cable, Windows drivers for built-in USB memory

Dimensions and Weight (Excluding protrusions) W51 × H21 × D92mm, 120g

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the most interesting is it uses xmos chip for USB which I haven't seen of on a portable dac. XMOS is a really good low jitter usb chip. Biggest issue with most portable dac is they use quite poor usb implementation like PCM270X series. doesn't matter what DAC chip you use poor usb implementation will always makes the sound less than optimal

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Yes, I have heard of the XMOS chip, but have never experienced one.  My DACmini is supposed to be very good with jitter, and that also has an AKM DAC, so I'm quite hopeful for this one.  I think I am going to order it, just not a lot of specs on the power delivery, hope it will power my HD700's just as well as my IEM's

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how does this unit sound compared to R10 and DX100?

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Is that the same DAC chip to fostex hp-p1 used? Interesting indeed, since I've never know iBasso use AKM chip on their line prodct before. I am not a fan of iBasso, but this one get my attension. Hehe
*iBasso use XMOS on D7
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D55 vs D42 Mamaba.... ? which one is better?

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