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For Sale: FS: TACT RCS2.0S room correction pre-amp

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For Sale:
FS: TACT RCS2.0S room correction pre-amp

Will Ship To: Anywhere

I'm streamlining my system(s) and consolidating to just one, so I'm letting some things go.


TACT room correction pre-amps have been in my systems for over a decade and do an amazing job at creating a stable image and soundstage, spectacularly so when the speaker locations are constrained.

In my case, I had B&W 801s that had to be placed either side of a fireplace and could not be moved out far from the back wall................the imaging was terrible. With the TACT, room correction is applied in the digital domain to correct for these constraints and the improvements are both dramatic and immediately obvious.

I sold my 801s recently and bought Nola speakers, which amazingly (and for a lot more money) can image beautifully all by themselves in the exact same locations on the fireplace wall. The TACT is able to correct for not only room reflections, but asymmetry between the two speakers frequency responses as well as time delay between each speaker and the listening position.


I am the original owner and bought this directly as a 2.0 from TACT, then a few years later I took it to factory for the very significant 2.0S upgrade.

I was so impressed with the TACT 2.0S that I later moved it into my 2nd (office) stereo system and purchased a 2.2XP (already sold) for my main system.


Others have reviewed the TACT and recommended them even for speakers that can be more optimally located than mine and could use that last bit of tweaking, but my only experience is dealing with room constraints and for this the TACT 2.0S is superb.


A modicum of technical ability is required, including hooking the TACT up to a PC for best results, so if you are technology phobic, this is not the product for you (unless you can enlist technical support from friends/family).


In addition to room correction, which is done by selecting (and tweaking) a desired response curve after making measurements of the speakers in your listening room using the supplied calibrated microphone, there are other benefits such as selection of output bit rate up to 24/192 (I found 96kb/s output to DAC via XLR was superb and much better than red book CD directly into the DAC, even when equalization was bypassed/off for use with headphones, so the clock re-timing at the TACT digital output clearly has a very high quality/low jitter clock), a quality volume control functionality (remote control or buttons on faceplate) and multiple digital inputs including aes/ebu, spdif/coax, and optical (no USB).


This is the DD version (digital in, digital out, i.e. no analog in or out).


The 2.0S is the upgrade to the 2.0 room correction pre-amp from TACT with numerous enhancements including increased processing power and signal processing speed (same as 2.2X) and support for up to 192kb. The MauiMods upgrades, particularly the power supply and transformers, are highly desirable upgrades and improve already stellar product performance.


The original price for this unit is $2690 but it has been upgraded with the full enchilada upgrade including a linear power supply, signal transformers, etc (per MauiMods).


Supplied with high quality microphone. microphone extension cable, serial port cable, remote control and microphone specific calibration file. Owners/users manual is available as PDF.


Asking $1000 (below blue book) or best *reasonable* offer.
Serious offers only please, and low ball offers will be ignored.

Buyer pays shipping and paypal fee (if not cash or check that has cleared)

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Wanted: $9,999.99 (USD)
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