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So I am in the market for a good DAC to use with my headphones (HD800, LCD2, Fostex TH 900) and my Kef LS50 speakers.  I had narrow down to those two and a few others that I could all get at similar price range.



2.) NAD M51

3.) Anedio d2

4.) Matrix x sabre

5.) Yulong DA 8


I am heading toward the Puredac and M51 more.  Have anybody heard any these and what is your opinion.  Obviously with the puredac and m51 i will be getting used while the rest will be new.

Thank you for your advice in advance.

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I've had the M51 and the BMC, and much preferred the M51.

I now have the PS Audio PWD II, which IMO bests either.
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Why did you prefer the M51?  What did both sound like?

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Please check my posting "some Dac/preamp comparisons (long)" for my comparisons.

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Is there anyone else who listened to these dac and able to compare?  More opinion would give me a overall better picture of where the DAC stand.

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I am also looking for a dac and I also came up with almost same list. I did not had the chance to listen any of them but I can say my opinion.


Accordingly  with a german magazine that I trust BMC puredac and M51 are at same sq level (class), this doesn't mean they sound the same.

For me anedio is not an option because I live in Europe and I have to pay high taxes. VAT. import, etc. otherwise it could be a bargain.


4. 5. I don't know.


At this moment for me puredac is best choice because you also get an excellent headamp.

No matter how much you read in the end if you don't have the chance to listen them in your own system it will be a gamble. 


I recommend take in consideration reviews/opinions only from magazines/users that you trust.


Let us know what you did :). good luck.


BTW. you can add to your list T+A DAC 8

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