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For Sale: For Sale: Schiit Modi & Magni

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For Sale:
For Sale: Schiit Modi & Magni

Will Ship To: Anywhere



For sale here is the very famous Schiit Modi & Magni stack. I have chosen to sold this, because of needing money to upgrade for the Asgard 2 & Bitfrost stack. 


The Modi was bought from Schiit's Amazon webpage, and I still have the invoice from when I bought it in late December - Early January this year. It cost around $110 with Shipping and Handling. 


The Magni is a second hand Magni that I bought from a Head-Fi'er here. It is in great condition, and works perfectly. I will include the Power Source adapter for the Magni. I WILL NOT include the USB-A cable or the RSA cables. I bought the Magni for around $80, but it retails for around $100+.


Benefits from buying for me are:


- Cheaper Price than Schiit's website or Amazon. You get $20 off, and they are no better Amazon prices. 

- Shipping and Handling will be faster from me. Schiit and Amazon take a while to ship, while I will ship approximately the same day as the payment is made.

- +1 on your Head-Fi buyer page


Feel free to send me a PM regarding your questions about this sale. I hope to sell this soon, and I can PM you pics if you need proof of condition. Might put up pics later too if I have time for that. 


Price is Firm, because of selling the Modi & Magni stacked is $170, but the shipping is going to cost the extra $10. I will only ship to U.S. due to International shipping be $30+, which is too expensive to me. 


EDIT: I am not selling these seprate. You can't get the Magni seprate then the Modi, and vise versa. It's either you buy both, or no deal. 

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