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For Sale: iFi Micro iPhono MM/MC Phono

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This Classified is Closed

For Sale:
iFi Micro iPhono MM/MC Phono

Will Ship To: USA & Canada

Well, I bought this anticipating getting into the world of Moving Coil cartridges, but just went from one kid to two and realized that's probably not going to happen for another 18 years. Sigh. Anyway, I opened the box to inspect it but it is basically new. I paid 409 but it's yours for 350.

If you're looking at this you know exactly what a phenomenal machine it is, so I won't bother to sing its' praises.

Shipping to continental US and Canada. EU people, if you're really serious about buying, do your homework and let me know exactly how much it will cost and I will consider making a deal.

Thanks for looking!
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