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Hey everyone, I have been using my Nokia N8 as a source of portable music for a couple of years and now the headphone jack has died. Only the right channel is being output and nothing is coming out of the left.


Warranty is out of question as the phone is far too old (3 years, and got it ~2 years after release). Out of warranty repairs are going to be costly ($100+).


So I have three choices:

-Buy a new phone

-Get a Micro-USB to 3.5mm jack adapter

-Buy an external DAC


I don't plan on getting a new phone yet as my Nokia is functioning perfectly fine despite the broken jack, and I want to give it a few more years before I replace it.


I can either get the adapter online for cheap, or a cheap DAC. I found a nicely used FiiO E7 for 75$ from a local ad.


I only use cheap Sony 30$ IEM's for portable listening, and all I'm looking for is at minimum the same sound quality that came out of the 3.5mm jack.


If it matters, I listen to CBR 320kbps encoded mp3's, though I can switch to FLAC if I wanted (However on dedi sound card PC + Monster Inspiration setup my limits on ABX testing were 192kbps and below, so can't tell the difference between the above two).


It comes up to this: DAC or adapter?


Thanks for any help :D 

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