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New Member Introduction & Recomendation

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Hello everyone, like the title states I'm new here, I have been reading some topics now and then so not completely new to the site. So as I have managed to get a job I know have a bit more money to spend on my sound equipment and need somewhere to start at.


I listen to music pretty much non stop from the moment I boot up my PC, the headphones I use now is a pair of Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro. I got a sound card plugged in, a Asus Xonar DG but after reading around it seems that an external DAC/AMP or combo is be preferred. And that leaves me with a couple of questions if I get myself an external DAC/AMP or combo would I need my soundcard at all? my motherboard is a Asus P7P55D ( http://www.asus.com/Motherboards/P7P55D/specifications/ ) that have a built in Optical S/PDIF out port, if my understandings is correct its preferred to use a optical or coax cable?


Reading around a bit in this section I came across some other guys looking for help and they got some recommendation.










The Maveric and NFB have optical and Coax. purely aesthetic I like how the Maveric unit look like. I have also had my eyes on the Asus Xonar ST but if a soundcard is not needed I don't mind spending a bit more on an external combo if that give better sound quality. Now for a budget I am Swedish so for me I could consider 2000 SEK as max and that is with shipping included. But that is not set in stone if there is something that is remarkable better for a small amount more I would most likely be ok with that.


Thankful for any kind of help

With regards Andreas


Edit 1: Adding Audinst HUD-mx2 This unit seem to get praised a bit after reading the thread about it

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The EDAC is the same as the ODAC that is regularly recommended on the forums. However, you would need to get the EHP-O2D model (or the separate headphone amp) so that you get the Objective 2 (O2) amp for your headphones (also highly recommended by people). I used to own the Xonar STX, and the ODAC/O2 was a step up.

I also own the TubeMagic D1 (not the plus). I think the ODAC/O2 combo has a bit better sound. The advantage of the TubeMagic is the various input options and the pre-amp for hooking up a pair of powered speakers (or speaker amp or another headphone amp). Also, note that the TubeMagic tube is only on the pre-amp for connecting external devices--it is not part of the internal headphone amp.

Audio-GD makes good stuff. Certainly if you want the extra features over something like the ODAC/O2 combo, it would be worth the money smily_headphones1.gif
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Spent pretty much the whole day just browsing around on this site, and after a while I came across Shiit magni+modi combo that seem to get good review and it look pretty damn nice, but in the same thread I read that the odac + magni sounded slight better. At the moment I have been stuck on the magni+modi but the sad reality of living in Sweden is the extra tax that I most likely is not going to get away from if not a Swedish store sells it, which is not possible with either of those 2 so right now I have just accepted it.


I also got a bit of a OCD, I get the feeling a lot of people have that here so I don't want to mix & match. The o2+odac do cost a bit more and if I have to pay tax on it it would be 1/4 of the sum, but the site linked for o2+odac does show the price with tax. Would it be worth to pay the extra to get a 6.5mm jack instead of the 3.5mm?


I am most likely never going to plug in a pair of speakers so I wont be needing that feature if it is one

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I think I remember someone in Norway finding the best price on the O2/ODAC from Germany, but they didn't say where.

There's no audio quality difference between the different size jacks.

I use the ODAC with a Schiit Asgard 2. Mixing and matching works great smily_headphones1.gif
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Been looking a few pictures now on the o2+odac and does every cable come out at the front or am seeing it wrong? if that is the case I rather go with the Shiit even if it have slight lower sound quality.


I haven't checked on more costly headphones but what is the most common type used the 6.5 or 3.5. The ones I use now had a 6.5 jack that could be removed turning it to a 3.5 but is that possible with all headphones?

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Yep. The cables all hook up in the front on the O2/ODAC.

Which jack is common? Depends on the headphones. I honestly don't know.
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Ok, well the 6.5 jack is not the whole world so I could live without that. So far the cables is my biggest issue right now thou. Signed up on the Head 'n' HiFi site after Googling around a bit and saw that if I choose the weekly option it should be shipped from Germany meaning no taxes needed and that leaves it at a 219 euro, but there is still a 50/50 chance if I understood it correctly on the Swedish forum I read. The Shiit lands on the same sum if I need to pay tax.


Would there be another dac/amp you would recommend other then those two? lots of questions but after spending more or less the whole day just reading about dac/amp my mind is so confused

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Those are the dac/amps that people here predominantly recommend as the best value. Audio-GD would be the other consideration.
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Ok, then my reading have done something at least. and we are talking about the Audio-GD its the NFB 11.32, seen that one mentioned a few times here but it does cost more and that's without shipping.







The two links at the top have everything on the back right and only headphone out on the front?

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Looks like the O2 desktop version has inputs on the front and back. As well as outputs on the back.

The ODAC it doesn't really matter where they are as long as the USB and the outputs are on the same side. Mine are in the front, so I just have it turned around.
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Make sense, but I do like to double check things and such before I buy things. So lets say I buy that set that I linked last I would connect it as such


computer -> usb cable -> odac -> RCA cable from odac to o2 input


the RCA output on the o2 is for active speakers?

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