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Stuck between options!!

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Hi, I've been a guest user here for a long time, I've used these forums to help me purchase vsonic gr02 bass edition, monoprices, isk hp-2010 and jaycar pro monitors.


my vsonics have broken now so i've been looking for a good budget pair of iems

My main use is at the gym and casually here and there and whilst going to sleep, so i want a pair of iems that are not too big like the gr02 and the monoprices as its very uncomfortable wearing whilst in bed.

I mainly listen to old school rap and classic (weird mix I know)

I've gone through numerous threads the past few days but still cant really make my mind up on the following iems.

Vsonic VSD1LE

HAVI B3 Pro-1 (old version)

xiaomi piston v2/2.1

astrotec ax35

and any others you recommend

for the heads that dont come with an ear hook I will be buying an ear hook from meelectronics

main requirements is that it can take sweat and has good sq with strong bass

thanks in advance.

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I like the Pistons, and could easily recommend them. I have not tried the others on the list, but I've heard good things about the ax35.

You can read IjokerI's immense IEM reviews for more information (if you have not already),
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thanks, yes i've extensively gone through that thread. the gr06 is interesting but i dont know how well it holds against the vsd1le

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Take a look at the Narmoo R1M also, for the price they are quite good.

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yes, i've seen them, but flat cables are not my cup of tea, one thing i hated about the mh1c.

Thanks though.

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Originally Posted by salawat View Post

yes, i've seen them, but flat cables are not my cup of tea, one thing i hated about the mh1c.

Thanks though.

Yeah, the worst thing about flat cables is they tend to be very microphonic.
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Love the flat cable on my Narmoos personally. No microphonics whatsoever, looks great, and keeps the IEMs in place.

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but it would be very difficult to wear this over the ear whilst at the gym

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The cable isn't rigid enough not to be worn over the ear. I just tried it and it works just fine that way.

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what do you mean not rigid enough to not to be worn? I'm confused.
You mean you can't wear it over the ears right?

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No, I mean you can wear it over the ears, no problem.


The cable being flat doesn't mean it can't bend enough to rest comfortably over the ear.

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A flat cable can definitely be worn over ear, just takes some time adjusting it, especially for the first time.
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most likely will go for the piston as its quite cheaper, 20 pounds for headphones plus over the ear ear loop ear hook from penonaudio. 

Only thing stopping me is the fact that i may regret not getting the havi b3s

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Also look at the Donscorpio Bass Colours from Penonaudio. They seem to be the same IEM as the Velodyne Pulse. I just got a pair, and I like them better than my GR02 bass edition.
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haha, this thread is not helping at all! its giving me more options to choose from! and they all seem to be good.

and now there's the earmax ie80 - supposedly similar to the sennheiser ie80

options, options, options!!

it's funny because I initially intended to buy the gr07 bass edition but then all these options popped up at a much lower price.

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