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For Sale: Tubes for sale - 6f8g 6sl7 12ae6a 6dj8

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For Sale:
Tubes for sale - 6f8g 6sl7 12ae6a 6dj8

Will Ship To: Anywhere

The following tubes are for sale - spares I don’t have a use for or plan on keeping, may even have some more, just have to do some digging.  


I don’t have a tube tester but the sellers I bought these from used tube testers to verify they are NOS condition.  I’ve briefly tried all the tubes to ensure they work well.


If you happen to get a bum tube, which you shouldn’t, I will be willing to refund once it is returned to me.


$35 National Union (NU) 6F8G

$35 RCA 6F8G

$15 6sn7 to 6F8G adapter 


$30 Sophia Electric 6SL7 (untested)

$35 RCA 6SL7GT VT-229

$10 Cossor 6sl7gt (This one tests fine but seems to develop crackling after 15 minutes or so for the amps I have tried— sold as-is)


$15 4x GE 12AE6A


$35 2x Amperex Orange Globe 6dj8 ECC88 (orange globe great britain)


These prices are all less than I paid :(  Pics on request


Add $5 for shipping

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