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I have IEM's and on one headphone inside, the cables tore apart from the speaker. So, I tried to solder it back, but I made a little mess(it's so small so I wasn't precise and I burned where I wasn't suppose to) so I am wondering is it possible that I did something that degraded the sound quality. I've successfully soldered the headphone back and from what I can hear everything sounds fine, but I was curios is it possible to somehow degrade the sound quality but still have sound working?

Or is it just a 0-1 thing, if it works it's perfect and if it doesn't work it's not working. BTW it's dual BA headphone. I didn't mess around the speaker or touch it only the board which is physically divided from speaker.


So you can see I just soldered stuff on the board but I might have touched a couple of these black plastic thingies so I'm wondering is it possible that that can degrade sound quality. 

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