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Xonar DG issue

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Hi guys


I'm experiencing a rather weird issue with my Xonar DG soundcard.

In moments of very high dynamic swings there is almost an interruption in the sound.

As if a hard limiter is employed, attenuating the natural decay after a high intensity moment.

Instead of a natural decay, it sounds kind of wavey on-off attenuator, as if someone is turning the knob on the volume up and down very fast. The effect can be pretty subtle but it's noticeable.


Anybody else experienced this issue before? Any input on this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


PS: I noticed the issue with 3 different software players, 2 headphones and on speakers as well. And it's only with teh Xonar DG. the onboard is fine and issue free.

It's not something drastic and for a couple of weeks I thought it was just my imagination. But after half an hour of testing it became a fact. And now it's getting annoying, just for the fact it's there and I can no longer ignore it.

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Just a short follow up:


After further investigations I think I've found the core of the problem.

In the Mixer tab, from Xonar's control panel, I had set the mixer volume sliders to max. I did that ever since I installed it, as it didn't make sense to me to have it anywhere less than max.

Seems I was wrong. With max. volume in the Mixer the DG will limit/clip in high intensity passages at any volume setting above 50%. 


Resetting the mixer to default (76%), has eliminated the weird limiting/clipping completely. Even at full volume the output is clean.

So, word of caution to all Xonar (DG users): do not increase the volume in the Mixer tab, leave it at default.

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