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Sennheiser HD540 comparising with Sennheiser HD 650

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I've got 2 HD 540 which i love since day 1 (bought in the early 90's)


Now one is broke and i need to buy another one, but obviously they aint for sale anymore...


Now i got a offer to buy the HD 650 for 150 euro orso (ebay)


I've read some good reports about this model, but also some very bad, especially concerning the low tones (bass)


I don't want to buy an model which is a lot less then this one i still got


What are your experiances with these models?


Sorry for my poor writing, i'm dutch and doing the best i can :wink_face:


thanks in advance 

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Hi there and welcome,


There's a few guys who are really digging on the 540's. You just missed the dedicated thread on the other page and I think it would help to make your mind up.

Here you go: http://www.head-fi.org/t/670255/wow-sennheiser-hd-540-reference-are-so-good

I can tell you that from my experience the 650 is different. I dare say, very different. Most noticeably, the 650 has a creamy like presentation which sounds pleasant at first but at further listening I miss the sparkly detail on top too many times. The low-end is kind of thick, mushy sounding even. As some others, I call them veiled and are one of the most laid back headphones that I've heard up until now. If you're looking for a replacement for your headphones with a similar signature, it's not the 650. That's for sure. Check out eBay.de for used pairs of 540's. That's where mine came from. Out of interest, what's broken?


Let me add a little about their comfort. 650 has more clamp and is heavier. It's looks do have appeal and also it feels like more of a headphone. More of like you really have something here. 540 is just so simple and so light that one would almost not take them seriously. Now that I think about it, the 650 definitely does have something seductive about it both interior and exterior ^^

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Thank you :)


I've noticed that thread on my way through google... It has opened my eyes, never thought this model was one of the best all times... 


I\m goin to take a look at ebay and search for this model, but i think i can't find it anymore...


What happend to my 1st one? Well, that model was very old, i think i bought it in 1992, so 22 years old... It has fallen on the ground a few times, and the left shelf didnt produce any sound. I've detached the cable and switch it with another one, but it wasn't the cable. So i opened it up, and tried to repair it. I've seen 1 extremly thin wire has broken near the thin membraam (don't think thats the right word) and tried to fix it, but it was to thin, so everything went wrong and i screwd up even more... So that one is dead... Now i'm searching for 1 left shelf hahaha...



Thank you for your reply, i won't buy the HD 650, that is for sure :)

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Well, it may be thought of as one of the best by some but the same goes for the 650. Endless preferences. I like to add that it can't hurt to audition the 650. Who knows it's your true ticket to heaven.


I recognize that type of ''fixing'' by the way haha. If you need help with getting a pair from eBay just PM me. Might be able to help you one way or another.

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Thank you for the offer :) I'll let you know if i manage to get one because i love this type and didn't realize it's difficult to top this one

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Welcome! If any further advice is needed you can ask in the 540 thread. There's a few far more knowledgeable fellows in there.

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