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Shure SE535LTD-J vs SE846 - Page 2

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Originally Posted by IaHawkeye View Post

I must say, this greatly surprises me that it's even a competition, for $500 more you would expect the 846 to take every category fairly decisively . Are you using the default cord for both? Have you let the 846 burn in?

I wonder how a normal non LTD compares to both of these

I have JH RoxanneS but I was eyeing the 846 as my next purchase, now I'm not so sure


I'd agree with 846 does have a veil to them that takes a good while to burn away.


As for the difference between the standard and LTD there's NO difference sonically the LTD are simply the red color and come with 2 mic cables instead of the standard cable for an extra $50

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I've been contemplating on replacing my forever trusted 535Ltd to 846. I've tried the 846 with my DX90 and i have second thoughts in changing. With the white filter, i felt that the highs were piercing... with blue, it was fine.. but the mid was not as sweet and likeable as the 535Ltd. Help~~~ I can only have 1. What should i sacrifice...

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SE846 is still my favourite among my crop of IEMs.


My ears agree with SilverEars when he mentioned the Shure signature, the vocal grainyness or harshness, especially female vocal.

However, switching to an aftermarket cable improves the overall sonic experience. With Nobunaga Labs TR-SC1 & in comparison to the original long cable, sub bass is not as muddy or bloated, mids & treble are slightly refined, lesser grainyness. I didn't like the sound with FiiO RC-SE1 cable.


SE846 is sensitive & due to it's very low impedance (IMO too low), I prefer listening to them with neutral inserts on SONY NWZ-A17 though I occasionally hook them up to FiiO X5 & E12A stack. I don't like the sub bass with DX90, just my preference.

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I had them both at the same time and for me SE846 are outstanding. 535 are much smaller and they are more comfortable. The end. 846 are better for me in every other way. I don't understand what people hear in 535's mids. If you want iem's on that level with good mids just buy flc8 or something. Bass and trebles are strong points of 846. Their soundstage is pretty nice, but for me it's nothing special. So in this comprasion for me 535 and 846 are like beats and Audio-Technica - totally diffrent level in every way.

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It's been 1 year and 8 months since I have the SE846. I don't believe in burn-in of IEM's because they are BA, but I got totally used to the sound. I don't notice veil anymore. When I hook up the SE846 on my tube amp, the sound is nothing short of amazing. I sold the SE535LTD not long after my SE846 purchase. I kind of miss them though, because I bought two crappy cheap earbuds for outdoor use. I might as well have kept the 535LTD.
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is the se846 worth the upgrade?

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In my opinion, it is.
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Hi. Owner of both pairs. Initially I thought the SE846's had sacrificed a bit the mids and highs when using the olive tips - which I preferred with the se535. However with the yellow foam (which I felt exposed the lack of bass on the SE535 too much) the 846's sound AMAZING now!! Perfectly balanced. Using the blue filters. The top end is much more open with them.

I find the tips affect the sound as much - if not more so than the filters!
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Originally Posted by ellenzu View Post

is the se846 worth the upgrade?

Of course it is :wink_face:

I own both and as that has been already said, I find the SE846 really more detailled, with a better soundstage, high are much more better than SE535. And finally best bass I have ever heard for IEM.


Note: I use them with a AK100mk2 and white filter.

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