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HE-560 is on its way!

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Hello everyone, we are very excited to let you know that HE-560 is ready to pre-order.

Order it now, and get a travel case for free.


Here are the two reviews from head-fi'ers:)









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Just want to give people who has placed an order for HE-560 in US a quick update. We have already handed over the packages to shipping company on 4/23. Unfortunately it is still being held at Hong Kong custom. Due to the Labor day holiday in China we were told that it might take as long as another week before they can clear custom and be on their way to US.


We are really sorry about the delay. We specifically shipped the packages one week before the holiday in the hopes of escaping the holiday chaos. Something is just out of our control. Trust us no one wants to get a pair of HE-560 on your hands more than we do. We promise that It will worth the wait.


As soon as we get a update from the shipping company we will let you know. We are almost there. :-)


Hifiman Team

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Can I get an update as to the shipping with the new changes you are doing I have a preorder with one of your dealers please reply
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because thE HE-560  has disappeared from your site..????

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Is there a 560 or are we skipping to the 570
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No, rather a 560ab, aka the 590..he
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No, rather a 560ab, aka the 590..he
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it is not nice to create all this expectation and then not be able to provide the headset to anyone who wants to buy ..

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Just ordered one at head direct......finally    :gs1000smile:

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Mine arrived yesterday, comes in an impressive box.....think it will need a little break in, will report after the holiday

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